Intergenertional Living in Luxembourg

Because every Generation has as much to learn as to teach

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If you are looking for affordable and
comfortable housing for your studies and enjoy spending time with seniors, you've
come to the right place! Find housing here!

Senior Man

If you feel lonely and are looking for a reassuring
presence and company, you are at the right place! Offer Housing here!

3 Reasons for Intergenerational Co-living :


Living together leads to the use of fewer resources and thus contributes to the
fight against climate change.


It is an exchange of know-how, experience and knowledge that is enriching for everyone. It unites the generations and helps to avoid the social exclusion of the elderly.


It is a solution that allows seniors to an earn extra income and students to find affordable housing.



Clémentine and Ivo are two students at the University of Luxembourg. Clementine is studying Psychology and Ivo is doing a Bachelor in Economics. We met in high school where we were in the same class. Even though we are different in many ways, we got along well right away. Indeed, we also have a lot in common, like the fact that we are ambitious and determined. Our first project together was not a simple school assignment, but we participated with 5 other classmates in the Mini-Enterprise competition organized by the 'Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg', where we created FrëschKëscht. We worked a lot together and it soon became clear that we could complement each other perfectly and lead a successful cooperation. Thanks to our hard and passionate work, we finally won the competition and continued our activity as a real company. But as we both love challenges, we looked for even more and participated in the European Skills Championship "Euroskills" in Graz, where we had the opportunity to represent Luxembourg in the subject "Entrepreneurship Business Development".  With a lot of passion and hard work, we developed the idea of WeConnect during the three days and succeeded in bringing home a bronze medal. Now we want to further develop the idea in reality to see to what extent we can implement it. That's why we are now participating in the "Young Enterprise" project, where we have the opportunity to develop our idea in peace and quiet and get professional feedback, with the aim of actually bringing it to market one day.

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